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  • TEL : +86(769)83731126  E-mail : lygo@lygoelec.com
    Contact us
    Dongguan Ligao Power Products Co., Ltd.
    Tel: +86-0769-83731126
    Fax: +86-0769-83731326
    Mobile phone: +86-18676924388
    Contact person: Mr. Wu
    E-mail: lygo@lygoelec.com
    Website: www.syrhjd.com
    Address: New Fourth Administrative Zone, Hengli Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
    Power transformer
    Product Input Plug Style
    INPUT 230V AC 50Hz
    INPUT 230~240 50Hz
    INPUT 240V AC 50Hz
    AC120V AC 60Hz
    AC100V 50/60Hz
    EN 50075
    BS 1363
    AS/NZS 3112
    WD 6-2002
    WD 6-2002

       Low frequency transformer

    This transformer series is designed for A/V boxes,

    communication devices, home appliances,
    interior lightings, electronic instrumentations.
    Power ranges from 0.3 up to 250W,
    EI-28 series EI-35 series
    EI-41 series EI-48 series
    EI-57 series EI-66 series
    EI-76 series EI-86 series
    EI-96 series
    Metal core is made out of stacked sheets of silicon iron,
    all of the cores are 100% high voltage leakage
    tested to ensure reliability.

    Product functions are controlled in accordance with the customer's request special design. And according to customers, needs and design special form of fixed frame or additional shields. Welcome to browse.

       High frequency transformer
    High frequency transformer has wide application range, high working frequency, wide working voltage range and high output power. Mainly applicable to all kinds of switching power supply, power adapter, active audio, energy-saving lamp, cold cathode lamp, electronic rectifier, 12V-and so on.
    The maximum output power varies with the magnetic material characteristics and working frequency.
    The test conditions are 1KHz/1V, AC 2000V, insulation resistance: DC500V (> 200M).
    Common specifications are EF, EE, EFD, EI, EP, EPC, ER/EC, etc.

    EF Series

    EE Series

    EI Series

    EFD Series

    EP Series

    EPC Series

    ER/EC Series

    UU/UT /UF/ET Series

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    Dongguan Lygo Electronic Product Ltd.   Copyright   lygoelec.com   E-mail : lygo@lygoelec.com    Tel : +86-0769-83731126
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