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  • TEL : +86(769)83731126  E-mail : lygo@lygoelec.com
    Switching Power Supply
    1. Small size;
    2. The input voltage from AC90V to 264V is universal.
    3. Output Overvoltage/Overload Protection;
    4. Output continuous short circuit protection.
    5. Compliance with Level Five Energy Efficiency Standards
    Widely used in small household appliances, chargers, digital communications products.
    The power adapter
    Traditional transformers are widely used in small household appliances, chargers and digital communication products.
    Battery charger
    It is applied to charge Ni-Cd/Ni-MH, Li-Po and Pb-Acid rechargeable batteries.
    PFC inductor
    Main applications:
    PFC inductor;
    Resonant inductance;
    DC filter inductor;
    Vehicle Charger
    Traditionally, the on-board charger used for automobile battery (car 12V, truck 24V) power supply is widely used in various portable and hand-held lithium battery charging fields, such as digital products, communication products, PDA, GPS, etc.
    LED Driver
    Applied to lighting, lighting fixtures.
    Power transformer
    This series of transformers are switching power supply, digital products, sound efficiency, communication equipment, lamps and other household appliances, as well as various electronic instruments for power supply. They are important components of power supply for various electrical equipment and radio equipment, with power ranging from 0.3 to 250W.
    DC line
    Power Connection Line, Digital Connection Line and Communication Product Connection Line.
    Dongguan Lygo Electronic Product Ltd.   Copyright   lygoelec.com   E-mail : lygo@lygoelec.com    Tel : +86-0769-83731126
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